Pho 24 – San Jose

Theresa looked up a pho place in San Jose near 280 and Winchester called Pho 24. It is located in a newish plaza next to the Century 25 theaters.  Decor is nice and the food is a bit higher quality than the normal pho shop.


Sprouts, basil and lime came first on a separate plate.

I ordered the large size bowl and it seemed to be just a bit more broth and noodles compared to the small bowls I saw on other people’s tables, but was a good hearty size. The beef broth, while a bit salty, is not overly salty or over laden with MSG as some places (but it does have some, else it wouldn’t be pho), with less anise than other places I have been to (which is great because I am not a big fan of anise or licorice type flavorings).

Theresa ordered the dry noodle bowl with shrimp and chicken.

My father in law ordered the chicken banh mi sandwich


All the food was tasty, and I would say it’s location is convenient to those that live around the area. Service was friendly and helpful. They even took orders via an iPad, so points for being high tech. Would I drive out of my way to have Pho 24?  Most likely not, but it beats out your typical “fast food” type of pho shop though. If you are ever in the Valley Fair/Santana Row area and need a pho fix, this would be a good place to get it.



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