Europe 2012 – Belgo London, Belgian Style Mussels

Belgo Restaurant in London, famous for their mussel dishes,  is located in the Covent Garden area of London.  After ordering a pint of beer, we decided to get two types of mussels, the traditional ones cooked with wine and herbs and a spicy one cooked with a chorizo and tomato broth. Restaurant was really busy even during the weekday in the early afternoon when we arrived for a late lunch.  Seating was mostly benches around picnic style tables within a warehouse type setting.  Prices were reasonable for London and portions were satisfying.  L

Fun fact: Check out the water closet. The male and female water closets share a common sink, which is a fountain looking affair. To activate the water, you step on a rail, which starts the flow of water. (picture below)


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